Permit Applications are needed in the City for a variety of reasons. To name a few:  to hang banners, a special event that closes streets such as a parade, closing a street or sidewalk for various reasons, selling food from a truck or trailer in the City, Building and Zoning Permits, or Engineering Permits. All forms can be found on this page with just a few clicks.

Permit Applications can be downloaded or picked up at City Hall; however, the completed form must be returned to City Hall Administration Building, 631 Perry Street, Defiance, Ohio along with proper payment (if applicable) to be processed, reviewed, and approved/denied by City officials.

The City of Defiance reserves the right to reject and/or amend any permit issued.

Banner Permit Application:

Banner Permit Application (PDF)

  • Display banners legally to advertise upcoming events. Banner permits are required before placing the banner and placed only two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • Three locations: Diehl Park facing Ralston Avenue, Kingsbury Park facing East Second Street, and the viaduct at South Clinton Street and Williams Street
  • There are 34 downtown street lights available for banner use and requires a $100 fee to install the banners.
  • Return the completed form to City Hall, 631 Perry Street, along with the banner(s) to Christy Feeney. 

Building and Zoning Permits / Applications:

Engineering Application /  Permits / Forms:

Engineering Permits

Event Permit:  

Event Permit Application (PDF)

  • City permission is needed to close a street(s), sidewalk, park, or parking lot for a special event, parade, car show/cruise-in, race, or festival, etc. in the City.
  • Contractors will use this Event Permit for sidewalk and/or street closures.
  • Return the completed form to Connie Seimet at City Hall, 631 Perry Street at least 14 working days prior to the event.
  • For yearly events, please submit the permit form as soon as you know the logistics.

Food Truck Permit & Annual Registration:

Food Truck Permit and Annual Registration Application (PDF).

  • Food Truck Vendors must follow state, county, and city regulations regarding mobile food licenses and inspections. 
  • Return the completed form to Christy Feeney at City Hall, 631 Perry Street. A packet of information will be given to you once approved, along with a Permit Sticker. Please fill out the Fire Inspection Form 2022 (PDF).
  • More information on Temporary and Mobile Food Businesses and be found at the Defiance County General Health District Guidelines.