Any information pertaining to these fires can be reported by calling the following numbers:

  • Defiance Police Division: 419-784-5050
  • Defiance Fire Division: 419-782-2771
  • Crime Stoppers: 419-784-2255
  • Ohio Blue Ribbon Arson Committee: 614-839-6446, ext. 102 or 800-282-1772

Please use the online Reward Application. You will receive an email in return. Please supply an accurate email address.

Report Arson to the Ohio Blue Ribbon Arson Committee OnlineThe Blue Ribbon Arson Committee (BRAC) has developed program rules, guidelines and an application for use in conjunction with the reward poster. The application is designed to assist the nominator in preparing the application and providing the necessary details to BRAC. The more details received, the better the story is told. The reward decisions are based on the circumstances of each individual and fire.

The rules and guidelines are available to be printed should you need. The guidelines are for the posting of the reward sign. The building owner must sign the guidelines giving permission for the posting of the sign. If the building owner does not want the property posted, be creative in getting the information out to the public. Use media, pass the information out in the neighborhood - do what you can to get the word out. BRAC does have small versions of the sign that can be used to pass out that do not require the property owner's signature on the guidelines.

The Nominator must be the investigator or prosecutor who used the information to solve the crime. The perpetrator must be convicted, whether it be the arson or another related crime, before funds may be awarded.