My Water Advisor

The City of Defiance is excited to announce our partnership with Master Meter, Inc. to bring an advanced technology which is designed to enhance your customer service experience, empower you to better manage your water consumption throughout the month, and proactively identify troublesome leaks. 

My Water Advisor® 2.0 easily allows you to access your account via a web-ready device (computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone application) in real-time while providing the following benefits. Once registered, account holders can do the following: 

  • Know about leaks before they cause costly damage 
  • Set billing and usage thresholds, and never be surprised by a high bill again 
  • See exactly how much water your family is using each hour, day, month or quarter 
  • Access your account from any internet connected device



1. Go to 

2. Click the Sign-Up button, located on the top right portion of your screen. 

3. Enter your Account Number. If you do not know your account number, please call the utility billing office at 419-782-1946.

4. Enter your First name and Last name exactly as it appears on your water bill. 

5. Enter a valid Email Address and create a Password.