Utilities - Water, Sewer, Garbage

The Utility Billing Office sends your billing statement monthly.

Customers can make utility and tax payments through the mail, drop off the secured drop slot on the north side of the building at 631 Perry Street, or through Official Payments. You can also view your bill, make a payment, or download forms on the right.

Residence maintaining active water accounts with the City may be excluded from refuse charges for temporary periods of time if the dwelling is reported to be vacant and the total quantity of water furnished to the dwelling is consistent with such report.

Billing for a residence may be suspended if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The City water account remains active.
  • The request for suspended billing is made in advance of any billing period for which the resident is requesting suspension of charges. No credit will be given for past or partial monthly billing periods.
  • The total quantity of water furnished to the dwelling reflects vacancy for the entire billing period. Charges may not be suspended for a billing period if there is occupancy for any part of that period.
  • Payment on the account is current.

Charges for which residents have requested suspension will be resumed without notification to the resident if all of the above conditions are not met at any time during the suspension period, or if refuse is placed out for disposal at any time during this period.


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