Water Pollution Control

Organization & Service Area

Water Treatment Plant AerialDefiance Water Pollution Control (WPC) division is responsible for over 100 miles of sewer lines and 25 pump stations in addition to operating a 6.5 million gallon per day treatment plant. The sewage is conveyed to the wastewater treatment plant through sanitary sewer lines ranging from 6-inches to 54-inches in diameter. There are over 100 miles of sewer line throughout the city.

The treatment plant is responsible for processing and treating sewage from The City of Defiance, portions of Defiance County, and The Village of Ayersville.

The division consists of 3 administrative staff members, 4 plant operators, 1 chief operator, 4 maintenance mechanics, 4 equipment operators, and 1 lab chemist.

Per Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), WPC is required to administer a pretreatment program. Responsibilities include monitoring non-domestic industrial users to ensure that their wastewater discharges comply with federal, state, and local regulations and requirements. The pretreatment program's primary goal is the employee's safety, the protection of the sewer system, treatment plant, and the receiving stream from harmful or toxic discharges.

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Wastewater Treatment Process

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