Miscellaneous Maintenance Responsibilities


Man Working on StreetThe City is responsible for maintaining walks at all intersecting streets. Citizens are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks.


The City inspects and maintains all alleys, both stone and hard surface. While the City does not provide snow plow service in alleys, City crews will fill potholes in hard surface alleys as needed and re-grade stone alleys and placing additional material as needed.

Wheelchair Ramp Maintenance

The City of Defiance complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under this Act, the City repairs curbs at predetermined intersections, making it possible for the handicapped and disabled to cross streets free of barriers. Whenever a street is resurfaced or curb repaired, wheelchair ramps are constructed.


There are over 19 miles of guardrails in the city that are maintained by the City Street Crews. Repairs to the posts, rails, end barriers, as well as, controlling vegetation growth around the guardrails are a part of the guardrail maintenance.

Storm Drains

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining all storm water sewers as well as all curb, yard, and ditch inlets.