Street Division

Defiance Aerial - Photo Courtesy of Williams AerialThe mission of the Street Division is to provide the safest and most efficient means of travel possible. Also provided are services directed toward the public health of our citizens. As the seasons change, so do the Division's priorities. Should a special project need the Division's assistance, priorities can, and do, change weekly.

The Street Division is staffed by a Street Superintendent and Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Mechanic, Crew Leader, and Equipment Operators. The Division's responsibilities include maintaining 200 lane miles of streets, over 4,000 traffic signs, and 19 miles of guardrails.

Seasonal Schedule

As a quick glance, the seasonal schedule is:

  • Winter, from December through March, the Division's attention is directed toward snow and ice control. It takes 10 to 12 hours to clear all residential streets. As the temperatures rise, the patching of potholes begins in streets and alleys. The street sweeper begins operating on a daily basis.
  • Spring begins the construction/repair season. Catch basins and storm tile are repaired and concrete is poured where needed. In accordance with the Americans Disabilities Act, the construction of wheel chair ramps take place as well.
  • Summer starts the pavement marking of crosswalks, stop bars arrows, and school zones. In the summer evenings, state licensed operators conduct the mosquito spraying program in the city.
  • Late October starts the leaf pick up season. Two vacuum trucks make several passes throughout the city for many weeks to pick up leaves.

The employees understand that many of the operations are time sensitive. However, each person possesses various knowledge and skills that enhances the Division's ability to meet these challenges. That's what makes the division work well together.