Snow & Ice Removal

Residents are required to keep sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow and ice. City Ordinance Section 905.07 requires all walks to be cleared within 24 hours after the cessation of a storm.

When plowing is required in the central business district, the Mayor will declare a parking ban on downtown streets until all snow on the streets has been cleared. The snow will be hauled from the downtown area.

We currently use a liquid material to prevent ice build-up when the forecast allows. We use approximately 600 to 700 ton of salt per year and several thousand gallons of liquid. It takes approximately 12 hours to plow all residential streets, 5 hours to plow the downtown area and its parking lots, and another 12 hours to haul the snow away.

Mailboxes hit with snow off of the plows are not the responsibility of the City. However, if a plow itself hits one, please call right away so it can be determined what happened.