Vehicle Lockout Assistance

In times when some departments are stopping the practice of helping citizens who have inadvertently locked their keys in their vehicles, the Defiance Police Department is proud to continue this practice. The citizens will have to sign a liability card holding the Defiance Police Department blameless in case of damage to the lock mechanism when unlocking the door.

Group Tours

The Defiance Police Department will give any group or organization a tour of our department allowing them to see our facility. Should you desire to tour the department, please contact Chief Todd Shafer via email at 419-784-5050 to set up a date and time for your tour.

Security Survey

The officers of the Defiance Police will be more than happy to come to your home or business and make some recommendations about the security of your home or business. We will look at such things as door locks, window locks, and other security measures. If you desire to have an officer look at your home or business, please contact the Defiance Police Department at 419-784-5050.

Speaker Services

Officers of the Defiance Police Department will speak to any group or organization about topics pertinent to law enforcement and our police department. Should you wish to have an Officer from the Department come and speak, please contact Chief Todd Shafer via email or at 419-784-5050.

Vacation House Checks

The Defiance Police Department will gladly watch your home while you are out of town on vacation. Once a week, the officers will physically walk your residence and check for problems while you are gone. The following information is needed by the Department:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Vacation departure date
  • Vacation return date
  • Name, address and phone number of emergency contact
  • Whether you will turn out all lights or leave lights on

For more vacation safety tips, please refer to the Safety Tips page.