Tree of Life

City of Defiance Tree of Life

Consider a Gift for the Benefit of Trees

When planning a memorial to a loved one, or to honor an anniversary or birthday, consider a gift that would last a lifetime! The Tree of Life fund is a special trust set-up by the City to provide for plantings of flowers, shrubs and trees in our city parks, cemetery and public areas within the city.

Any gift amount is welcome and appreciated. Most plantings are done in the Spring and Autumn of each year, under the direction of the Tree Commission.

The Tree of Life program is a wonderful way for citizens to get involved in helping to beautify our City-and to keep our special designation as Tree City USA.


All donations to the Tree of Life fund will be recorded in a memorial book, kept at the City Parks Office. The book lists the name of the donor and the recipient.

A few examples:

  • "Gift in Loving Memory of Mr. John Smith, by the Jones Family"
  • "In Honor of the Birth of Jacob Smith by His Parents"

The amount of the gift will not be listed. In addition, an acknowledgement card will be sent to the recipient, or family of the recipient, so they will be made aware of the gift.

Memorial Trees in Fall Colors - Photo by Linda HammersmithPlease make checks payable to:
City of Defiance
Tree of Life Trust Fund

Mail to:
City of Defiance, Parks and Recreation
1441 Quality Drive
Defiance, OH 43512

Contact the Parks Office:
Phone: 419-783-4364
Monday through Friday
7 am to 3 pm

This fund is administered by the City of Defiance Parks Department, under the direction of the Tree Commission.

All donations are tax deductible.

"He that plants trees loves others beside himself." - Thomas Fuller, 1654 to 1734

DateDonation Given ByDonation Given For
December 2021Brian, Doug, Michael, Steven and Joni EmmelIn Memory of Larry L. Emmel
September 2021Becky S GeigerIn Memory of Lois J. Gahris
August 2021City of Defiance Shade Tree CommissionIn Memory of Roger Herrett
January 2021Street Department, Parks, Cemetery, Water Distribution and Building and LandsIn Memory of Larry Retcher
November 2020Quinn and Reid FoustIn Memory of Gerald W Foust
November 2020Quinn and Reid FoustIn Memory of Carolynne Kay Foust
July 2020Chris LeutholdIn Memory of Russel B. Leuthold
June 2020Roland and Frances Allen; Steve, Dorothy and Jessica SpainIn Memory of Steve Hanel
September 2019Charles E Griffith FamilyIn Memory of Lynn Dailey
August 2019Joseph and Paulette SchaurerIn Memory of Dorothy Dean Martin
July 2019Kim McKeenIn Memory of Wanda Klima
June 2019Lynda and William WalletsIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Robert and Laura BogdanskiIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Helen MeyerIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Maggie HunterIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Grace ZayIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Mary KrylingIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Robyn SmallIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019The Bronchetti FamilyIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Julie and Jerry DuncanIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Mary Lynn DamaschkeIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
June 2019Laurie BoyerIn Memory of Jody Bixby Doyle
August 2017Zane ZeedykIn Memory of Shelly Zeedyk
November 2016Patricia LynchIn Memory of Gertrude Harley
February 2016Jeff Leonard, John Lehner, David Williams and Ann ScribnerIn Memory of Richard McCann
January 2015Terry and Ann MeltonIn Memory of Joan Cereghin
October 2012Velandia and Ciccotelli FamiliesIn memory of Vince Polce
n/aBryan Diecast of Bryan, OhIn Memory of Harley K. Bricker Sr.
December 1998Defiance City EmployeesIn Memory of Sara Nicole Manon
September 1998Defiance Hospital Board of TrusteesIn Memory of John Pruitt
July 1998John and Rita KissnerIn Memory of Catherine E Hofer
June 1998Rick and Barb SommerIn Memory of Dick Linebrink
June 1998City of Defiance EmployeesIn Memory of Josephine Kissner
June 1998Sally and Leaonard Myers, Jane and Bob Boehn, Ralph and Jean Baringer, Norma and Charlie Barber, Dave and Mary Louise HoeffelIn Memory of Josephine Kissner
May 1998Defiance HospitalIn Memory of Bob Woods
May 1998Marilyn Lees FryeIn Memory of Victor Hire
April 1998Richard Hurstn/a
February 1998Marilyn Lees FryeIn Memory of Mary Hire
August 1997John and Rita Kissner and familyIn Honor of 90th Birthday of Miss Catherine Hofer
May 1997Jeff Leonard family, Dave Maxey family, and Stan Rohrbaugh familyIn Memory of Christopher Spurgeon and Heather Spurgeon
May 1997Carol Iler, Project CoordinatorTo Honor Ecology
April 1997Mr. and Mrs. Roger HerrettIn Memory of Nell Herrett
April 1997Curt, Sue, and Tom MinselIn Memory of John Mason II
February 1997Mr. and Mrs. Rick SommerIn Memory of Dr. George Morgan's Father
January 1997Barbara Sommer, Heidi Mealer, Marie Peters, and Sue MinselIn of Victor Bacon
November 1996Defiance HospitalIn Memory of Jeffery Walter
August 1996Dr. Patric BentleyIn Memory of Emmett Bentley
August 1996Defiance City EmployeesIn Memory of Herb Rosebrock
May 1996DJHS Team 7 West students of Carol IlerTo Honor Ecology
May 1996The Friends of Norma BarberIn Honor of Retirement from the City
May 1996Jody DoyleIn Memory of Alex Foldvary, Denny Gordon