In the Works

Bridge ReplacementOur Engineers Office and City Officials are always working to improve infrastructure and keep Defiance a Great Place to Live. Projects planned for the future include the following.

Buchman Park on the Glaize

Buchman Park on the GlaizeRandy Buchman, a long-time Defiance history expert, is being honored for his services as city historian for the City of Defiance, history professor Emeritus at Defiance College, and Director of the Andrew L. Tuttle Memorial Museum by having a park named after him.

The park’s name recognizes the Native American villages that were located here in the late 18th century at the confluence of the Auglaize and Maumee Rivers and known as “The Glaize.” The cost of this park may range in the hundred of thousand dollars and no funding plan is in place yet. Conceptual drawings by consultant J.D. Orr have been submitted for the tribute. The next step is finding artists to design the tribute and secure funding.

The undeveloped park area below is located on the west bank of the Auglaize River on Auglaize Street in between the Second Street Bridge and the Hopkins Street Bridge and is greenspace now.

Memory Park

Memory ParkThe existing “green space” at the intersection of Jefferson and Fifth Street will be improved to provide a quiet place of reflection.

This location is across the street from Schaffer funeral home.

Project details will be added to this site as more information becomes available.