Current Exhibits at the Tuttle

  1. Defiance Machine Works, 1850 to 1949

Drill ModelDefiance Machine Works had its start as a small foundry by the Miami and Erie Canal. It grew to one of the largest factories in Defiance, producing machinery for manufacturers around the world and had an important role as a war plant in WWI and WWII. This exhibit is sponsored by the Defiance Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Dinner Bell Foods, Inc.
  1. Defiance a Century Ago - The Photographs of Henry Roehrs
  1. Locks of Defiance on the Miami & Erie Canal
  1. Defiance’s Attic
  1. The Great Black Swamp
  1. Turnbull: Wheels, Wagons & Motor Cars
  1. Defiance Bank Notes
  1. The Big Three - Rivers in Defiance
  1. Native American Artifacts
  1. History of Defiance Banks
  1. Booze, Ballots & a Better World
  1. Currency of the Civil War