The Pillars - Goals & Strategies

Connectivity PillarDefiance is a community where everyone has connections to and is utilizing safe and easy access to reliable networks.

  • 100% that want access have access to fast, affordable/free internet services.
  • Workforce rates have increased making the Defiance community exceed the national average.
  • Transportation systems and resources are in place and accessible.
  • 100% of community has access to safe pedestrian connections.


  • Create a comprehensive transportation system for Defiance County.
  • Provide access to affordable high-speed broadband internet service county-wide.
  • Develop a build-up academy.

Outcomes & Discussions

See Minutes on these topics

  • Defiance County Transportation Network
  • Mobility Manager Position
  • Connectivity and Wi-Fi with 5G networks and neighborhood HUB

Key Contributors to this Pillar

  • Brad Booth, ED Henry County Transportation Network
  • Kathy Shaw, Triangular Processing
  • The new Mobility Manager
  • Guiseppe Blanchard, The Dream Center
  • Angie Franklin, Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC)
  • Katye Katterheinrich, Ravens Care
  • Ryan Mack, County Commissioner
  • Niki Warncke, City Planner