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Pontiac Metro Park

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Pontiac Metro Park is located along the bank of the Maumee River just north of downtown Defiance, at 315 East River Road.

Pontiac Park is the birthplace of Chief Pontiac in 1712. Chief Pontiac organized the conspiracy against the British in 1763. He federated the tribes with the aid of the French, threatened British supremacy. Chief Pontiac was killed in Illinois in 1769. A marker at on 24 North (424) along the bank of the Maumee River marks this historical spot.

Pontiac Park has been revitalized over the past several years. A fountain along with walkways, historical markers, swings, and landscaping have made it a peaceful gathering place for all. There is a boat dock for access to the rivers, as well as picnic tables to enjoy a lunch or dinner. Citizens meet here for our annual fireworks display, car shows, boat shows, and war re-enactments held throughout the year. Swings at the confluence of the Maumee and Auglaize Rivers provide a relaxing afternoon for all to enjoy. Take a stroll along the drive at Pontiac Park and enjoy the scenery.

Defiance is proud to be the home town of 2006 Indianapolis 500 Champion Sam Hornish, Jr. A monument is displayed in the park.