School Bus Stops

🚌 School starts soon!
Let’s all refresh school bus rules!🚌

With the School Year approaching soon, please be aware of the School Bus Laws in Ohio. The laws in Ohio depends on the number of lanes.

Keep an eye out for those yellow school buses, and when in doubt, stop until the bus continues driving. Failure to comply with Ohio school bus laws could mean a fine of up to 500 dollars and a driver’s license suspension.

On a two-lane road:

Drivers going in both directions must stop whenever a school bus’ stop signal arm is extended and the lights are flashing. Drivers must remain stopped until the bus is in motion again or until the bus driver signals that traffic can continue. If you come across a school bus with its lights flashing, just stop!

On four-or-more lane roads:

Drivers on the opposite side of the school bus do not need to stop. This means that oncoming traffic can continue on, while traffic going with the school bus must come to a stop. Ohio is one of the states that requires school buses to pick up students on the same side of the road that the student is waiting to be picked up.