Dear Defiance Community Nixle Subscriber,

Nixle recently announced a change in how their platform delivers notifications.

Nixle has introduced SmartPath, read more at:  which automatically prioritizes emergency messages and helps manage the potential clutter of non-emergency updates and reminders.

With SmartPath,

  • Emergency Alerts will always go out via SMS, email, web, and the Nixle mobile app.
  • Less urgent Advisory and Community messages will only be delivered to the email address on file and the mobile app, which also gives you a Map view of notifications and the ability to manage multiple Zip Code and Keyword subscriptions.

If you don’t already have your email address on file, all you have to do is text your email address to 888777, OR download the Mobile App through the App Store or Google play .

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership!
City of Defiance, Ohio


Q: How do I register my Nixle subscriptions in the Everbridge Mobile App?

A: Detailed instructions. Instructions

Q: I currently receive Nixle messages, how do I switch to mobile push notifications instead?

A: After installing the Everbridge App, click the ‘Nixle Subscribers?’ button. Lookup your existing zip code subscriptions and select the agencies applicable to you.

Q: Will I still receive text messages?

A: Yes!  Emergency Alerts will still be sent via text messages.  Setting up the Everbridge app will handle lower priority informational Advisories and Community messages.

Q: Why Mobile Push Notifications?  Is it reliable?

A: Yes!  Mobile Push Notifications have become standard.  Your Smart Phone will receive these popups like any other app you already use.  Push works with an Internet Data connection.

Q: I’m not finding my local agency in the app’s search results. Are they sending notifications to the Everbridge app?

A: Searching by Zip Code is the best practice.  If you still can’t find it, your local agency may not partner with Nixle yet. Check back shortly, new agencies are joining all the time!

Q: I no longer want to receive Nixle text messages at all, how do I opt-out?

A: Text STOPALL to the phone number 888777 to unsubscribe from Nixle Public Safety messages.

Q: I changed my mind, how can I continue receiving Nixle text messages?

A: Resubscribe to SMS by texting the number 888777, with either: the word RESUME, or your desired zip code/keyword


Sign Up today!  You will receive up-to-date information regarding OUR City!

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To receive “Alerts and Advisories” on your mobile device: send a text message to 888777 and enter 43512 (Defiance’s zip code) to opt-in.

To receive “Community Events” on your mobile device: send a text message to 888777 and enter DEFIANCE (Defiance’s keyword) to opt-in.

To receive “DOWNTOWN PARKING messages” on your mobile device: send a text message to 888777 and enter PARKING (Downtown Parking keyword) to opt-in.

It’s that easy!!  Don’t miss out on important information – do it today!


<<– To check if you have an email associated with your phone number:

Send a text message to 888777 and enter EMAIL.


You will receive and text message back with your email (if you already have one associated with your phone number).

If you want to add your email, reply with a valid email address.

This is a nice feature for Community Events!