The new MY DEFIANCE GOGov APP is available to everyone!

City of Defiance Communication in the Palm of your Hand! 
We will keep you informed with a trusted source of alerts, advisories, notifications, and community events. Critical content will be pushed to your Email and Mobile, and pushed to the City Facebook and City of Defiance Website.

CONNECT with the City of Defiance Ohio fast with MY DEFIANCE! Sign up here!  Available on both iOS and Android.

  • Mobile App: One place to access all notifications and important information directly from the City of Defiance.
  • Subscription Lists: Citizens can subscribe to the types of notifications that they want to receive.

  • Direct Notifications: Citizens won’t miss important communications because they are delivered directly to their phones.
  • Ask Question / Get More Info: Citizens can Start a Request on a topic and connect with the proper City Department for a reply or to simply get more information.

NOTE: This will replace the current NIXLE messaging system.