During the summer of 2018 (estimated July), the City of Defiance and Werlor Waste Control will be distributing one FREE OF CHARGE, 95 gallon “Mighty-Tidy” container (the default size) per residence for all residential customers in the City to accommodate the latest technology in automated trash collection.

NOTE: If you do not need the largest 95 gallon container, you may choose one of the other two smaller (65 gallon or 35 gallon) containers, BUT you will need to inform the City Utility Billing Office at 631 Perry Street by March 1, 2018 of your smaller choice container size. Sample sizes are displayed at 631 Perry Street. Please provide your name and service address and the size of the smaller container you prefer.

Informational flyers on the Mighty-Tidy container options were mailed to each residential customer in January and February 2018. You may use that form to make your change to a smaller container or contact the City Utility Billing Office at 419-782-1946.