Help us to Plan Defiance!

Community officials have started the process to update the community’s comprehensive plan, and we need your help. You can start doing your part to Plan Defiance by taking a community survey that can be found by clicking here:


What is the purpose of a Comprehensive Plan & why is it important?

The purpose of the comprehensive plan is to create a shared vision for the community to preserve and build on its heritage while giving direction for desirable growth and redevelopment and the implementation of important priorities. The entire process will take roughly one year and be ready for adoption in March 2023 or thereabouts.

The Comprehensive Plan will provide the community officials, residents and decision makers with guidance in the following areas:

  • Community Services and Facilities (schools, library, etc.)
  • Housing and Neighborhoods
  • Economic Development and Downtown / Riverfront Revitalization
  • Future Land Use and Zoning
  • Infrastructure (water/sewer capacity, and other utilities)
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Space
  • Transportation and Connectivity (streets, parking, bicycle and pedestrian mobility)
  • Plan Implementation (getting stuff done and holding people accountable!)

There’s many ways to participate:

An interactive public process has been developed to help the community frame goals and strategies of the Comprehensive Plan.  Community forums will be held throughout the process.  These forums will incorporate planning exercises, such as round-table discussions, mapping and visioning exercises, surveys, and poll-based data collection.  The first community forum will be held this summer.

If you have any questions concerning the planning process or on ways you can participate, please contact:

Niki Warncke, City Planner
City of Defiance
631 Perry Street
Defiance, Ohio 43512
(419) 784-2249