The Defiance Water Plant’s Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Project is IN PRODUCTION!

The planning and implementation process of the $10 million-dollar Granular Activated Carbon System (“G.A.C.”) at the Water Treatment Plant has been a long one for the City of Defiance. According to Plant Superintendent Adam McDowell, discussions first started in 2012.

FINALLY, on April 1, 2022, the G.A.C. System was launched into production! There are eight huge Calgon G.A.C. cylinders cleaning the water along with all the mechanical devices, a carbon dioxide cylinder, a generator backup, new pipes, and other water cleaning processes inside the building.

The samples on the quality of the water at the Water Treatment Plant are much improved from the past. Clean, refreshing water is the goal for our community and the G.A.C. system samples are showing just that! Hopefully, many of you are as well!

The Water Treatment Plant is currently feeding about 90% of the treated water through the G.A.C. system. To get to 100% feed, we are waiting for the variable speed drives to be delivered (which are about five months overdue due to the supply chain). The 90% feed is working great but 100% feed is the goal!

With this new Granular Activated Carbon System in place now, our City is finally having the good water quality that has been desired for a very long time.

Drink Up, Defiance!

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August 17, 2021 PROGRESS UPDATE: Crews from Peterson Construction have continued to make progress on the GAC project. Today they set the first four vessels. When the entire project is complete, water will pass through the carbon vessels and organics will be removed. Still a long way to go, but very exciting!

This new treatment will offer many benefits:

  • reduction of disinfection by-products such as total trihalomethanes (TTHM’s), which is the source of the violation letters that the City has sent out over the last couple of years;
  • provide a barrier for algal toxins that could be produced by algal blooms in the reservoir;
  • improvement in the taste of our water, and;
  • removing the compounds produced by algae that create taste and odor issues from time to time.

The system is scheduled to go “LIVE” during the winter of 2021-22, and we are looking forward to it!

This is just one more exciting project happening in our great community!



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