Fort Defiance 225th Anniversary Tour – July 27, 2019 Info

1794 – 2019

The Andrew L. Tuttle Memorial Museum is preparing to commemorate the 225th anniversary of the building of Fort Defiance and the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Tentative plans for the summer of 2019 include a 1794 Military Staff Ride.

The 1794 Military Staff Ride is a guided bus tour that follows the route Anthony Wayne took to the site of his victory of the Indian Confederation August, 20, 1794, at Fallen Timbers.  John Trowbridge, Command Historian of the Kentucky National Guard, will serve as the bus tour guide and historian.

The ride encompasses six stops near Wayne’s legion’s encampments. Included in the stops are the Battlefield Monument, the Turkey Foot Rock for the history of the Native American participation in the battle, and Fort Miamis for a briefing of the British and Canadian involvement. A period uniformed American or Canadian historian will give a brief history of the location, information about the uniforms that were worn, and or the weapons that were used.  Riders may participate in a guided walking tour of the Fallen Timber Battlefield, and a box lunch provided at the battlefield’s visitor center.

This six to eight hour tour is scheduled for Saturday, July 27, at 9:00 A.M. originating at Fort Defiance in Defiance, Ohio. The projected cost per person is $35 to $45 and includes a box lunch. Seating is limited. If you are interested in taking part in this event, please contact the Andrew L. Tuttle Memorial Museum, as soon as possible.

If interested, email or call 419-782-0746 or 419-784-5730 to get registered.