Utilities – Water, Sewer, Garbage

The Utility Billing Office sends your billing statement monthly.

Customers can make utility and tax payments through the mail, drop off the secured drop slot on the north side of the building at 631 Perry Street, or through Official Payments. You can also view your bill, make a payment, or download forms on the right.

Residence maintaining active water accounts with the City may be excluded from refuse charges for temporary periods of time if the dwelling is reported to be vacant and the total quantity of water furnished to the dwelling is consistent with such report.

Billing for a residence may be suspended if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The City water account remains active.
  • The request for suspended billing is made in advance of any billing period for which the resident is requesting suspension of charges. No credit will be given for past or partial monthly billing periods.
  • The total quantity of water furnished to the dwelling reflects vacancy for the entire billing period. Charges may not be suspended for a billing period if there is occupancy for any part of that period.
  • Payment on the account is current.

Charges for which residents have requested suspension will be resumed without notification to the resident if all of the above conditions are not met at any time during the suspension period, or if refuse is placed out for disposal at any time during this period.


Water Rates

The cost rate schedule for metered water furnished to all properties, the Ayersville Water and Sewer District, the Brunersburg Water District, the Lake Christy Meadows Water Utility, and unmetered bulk water furnished for transport, and for which invoices are issued during 2022 is:  $47.85 per 1,000 cubic feet

The Readiness-to-Serve charges are levied on each water service connection through which potable water is or may be supplied to assessed premises for any purpose other than fire protection, and the amount levied on each service connection to properties inside and outside (x3) the corporate limits of the City for which invoices are issued during 2022 are shown in the chart to the right:

Water Supply Line 
¾"$ 15.93
1"$ 26.45
1¼"$ 42.38
1½"$ 53.05
2"$ 84.91
3"$ 185.75
4"$ 318.60
6"$ 663.65
8"$ 955.80

Water Meter Staff

As part of the City of Defiance’s Utility Billing Office, the staff maintain more than 6,570 existing water meters and installs water meters on new construction. Although the responsibility primarily begins and ends at the water meter, our staff are available to answer any question customers may have about their water service.


Sewage Rates

The Commodity Charge levied on each property discharging sanitary waste water or other wastes to the municipal sewage collection system and for which invoices are issued during 2022 is:  $4.98 per 100 cubic feet

The Readiness-to-Serve charges levied on sewer connections to properties inside and outside (x3) the corporate limits of the City and for which invoices are issued during 2022 are shown in the chart to the right:

Water Supply Line 
¾"$ 30.23
1"$ 50.19
1¼"$ 80.42
1½"$ 100.67
2"$ 161.13
3"$ 352.49
4"$ 664.60
6"$ 1,259.39
8"$ 1,813.80

Trash & Recycling Services



  • Limit of (1) Mighty Tidy™ cart per household for trash; not to exceed 100 pounds of normal household refuse with the lid closed
  • Limit of (1) 18-gallon recycling bin for curbside recycling materials; recycling will be picked up the same day as trash.

Residents are allowed to place extra garbage bags (up to 30-gallon in size) outside of the 1 cart limit. EACH BAG must have a prepaid bag tag placed on the top of the bag.  Any bags outside of the cart that do not have a prepaid tag attached will not be picked up. Any resident needing additional bags picked up over the 1 full cart limit may purchase bag tags from WERLOR or Defiance Chief Supermarket.

Location: Trash and recycling service are both curbside pickup, unless otherwise pre-arranged for disabled pickup. Place your Mighty Tidy™ cart with handle facing the house and front of cart facing the road. The Mighty Tidy™ cart must be placed at least 4 feet away from vehicles, trees, etc. The 18-gallon recycling bin can be placed next to your cart.

Holiday Schedule: When a legal holiday falls on a weekday, regular scheduled collection will be one day late. Legal holidays honored are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas. Saturday and Sunday holidays do not affect the schedule.

Monthly Bulk Collection Guidelines:  This service is for large, bulky household items such as appliances, furniture, TV’s etc.

  • Time: Bulk items need to be out by 7:00 a.m. to assure pick up. DO NOT place out more than 24 hours before the scheduled collection day. Residents may be subject to fine or penalty by City of Defiance if placed out other than specified times.
  • Included: Large bulky household items such as appliances, furniture, TV’s, etc. Any loose household items such as clothing, cookware etc. must be placed in boxes or open containers.  Carpet must be rolled, tied, and cannot exceed 40 pounds or 6 feet in length, per roll. PLEASE NOTE: This pickup must be in front of your house, along the street, at the curb where your house faces.
  • Excluded: Vehicle parts (including tires), building and construction materials, yard waste, ashes, human wastes, explosives or hazardous materials, cement and rocks. NO MORE than1 Mighty Tidy™ of regular trash will be collected. The annual collection of Christmas trees will be the first full week of January on your regular garbage day. THE LANDFILL WILL NOT ACCEPT 55 GALLON DRUMS OR BARRELS UNLESS BOTH ENDS ARE REMOVED. (CALL US TO ARRANGE DISPOSAL OF THESE ITEMS.)


Prepare your recyclable materials as requested. What can be recycled and how these materials have to be prepared is determined by the businesses that make products from recycled materials. Careful preparation and separation of recyclables is important. Manufacturers require clean and contaminant-free materials to make new products. Unsorted or improperly prepared materials will be left at the curb with an explanation, if not followed properly. Please, no trash when recycling. Non-recyclable items will be left in the recycling container. Please dispose with the garbage.

The following items are part of the curbside recycling program:

  • Corrugated Cardboard: Viewed from the edge, corrugated cardboard looks like this: -Remove packing materials, such as foam, peanuts and  bubble wrap. All paste board boxes must have wax liner removed, including cereal boxes. Flatten boxes and place beneath recycling container. Cereal or other paperboard boxes are fine. NO wax-coated milk cartons or boxes. NO juice containers.
  • Beverage Cans: Please drain completely. Aluminum & steel beverage cans will be separated automatically at the Recycling Center. You may flatten cans to save space.
  • Steel Food Cans: Rinse clean. Paper labels are fine. Place lid inside can and pinch end close to keep lid inside.
  • Newspaper: Stack in brown grocery bags. DO NOT pack in plastic bags or tie in bundles. Loose newspaper can cause litter. Wet newspapers CANNOT be recycled. Shiny paper is fine.
  • Glass Bottles & Jars: We no longer accept any glass, glass bottles, glass jars of any type.
  • Plastic Bottles: Throw away caps. MUST rinse clean. Milk and water jugs, colored detergent bottles, softener, and bleach bottles. You may flatten plastic bottles to save space for your home storage. ONLY #1 & #2 plastic is acceptable. Non-coded or coded #3-7 WILL NOT be acceptable. NO motor oil, transmission oil, or antifreeze containers.
  • Junk Mail: White office paper, colored paper, computer paper, notebook paper, junk mail, regular and window envelopes, manila folders, yellow pad paper, sticky notes and paperback books. Do not put junk mail in any type of bag or box. DO NOT pack in plastic bags or tie in bundles.
  • Scrap Aluminum: Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, pie and dinner trays (rinse clean). Aluminum lawn furniture etc. (remove fabric and other contaminants).

Utility Billing Office:

Municipal Building
631 Perry Street
Defiance, Ohio 43512



Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Help Us Conserve Water

Water conservation saves money, energy, and the environment. Small adjustments can have a big impact.

Helpful Water Information

Frequently WATER Asked Questions

For residential customers, both your water and your sewer bill is based on the water meter readings. If you believe your bill is higher than it should be, first check the areas listed below, then contact Utility Customer Service at 419.782.1946.

Do you have a leaky valve on a toilet? Most high consumption problems are caused by leaks in the toilet. To test for a leak, simply place food coloring in the upper tank of your toilet. Wait about five minutes and see if the color shows up in the bowl. If it does, you have a leaking valve that should be replaced.

Do you have faucets that drip? Even a slow drip can waste water and money and should be repaired.

Flow restrictors can be installed in the shower heads to reduce water consumption.

RENTING?:  You will need to come into the office and provide a copy of the lease, a photo ID and a $200.00 deposit. Land contracts are considered renting, which will require a $200.00 deposit. If you purchase the home, we will refund the deposit to you.

BUYING A HOME?: You will need to come in to the office with your paperwork showing your intent to purchase the home or the closing papers.

ALSO CONTACT: Ohio Gas Company at 419-636-1117; Toledo Edison Company at 1-800-447-3333

The City is responsible for any repairs in the system leading up to and including the “curb box”.  The property owner is responsible for any repairs from the “curb box” to the house or building being served and everything inside.

Thank you for recycling!

Frequently Asked RECYCLING Questions

Junk Mail
Corrugated Boxes
Paper Grocery Bags
Plastic Bottles #1 & #2
Plastic Jars #1 & #2
Steel Food Cans
Aluminum Cans
Steel Cans
Cereal & Other Paste Board Boxes

Wet Newspaper
Plastic Bags
Light Bulbs
Used Motor Oil
Transmission Oil
Oil Containers
Plastic Grocery Bags (Take to grocery store)