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The Street Department is staffed by a Service Director, Assistant Service Director, Administrative Assistant,  Mechanic, Crew Leader, and Equipment Operators. Our responsibilities include 200 lane miles of streets, over 4000 traffic signs and 19 miles of guardrails. That’s only the beginning.

During December through March, our attention is directed toward snow and ice control. It takes 10 – 12 hours to clear all residential streets. As the temperatures rise, pothole patching in streets and alleys begin. Also, the street sweeper begins operating on a daily basis.

In the Spring Season, we begin what is referred to as our construction season. These are jobs we will concentrate on until leaf pickup season. We repair catch basins, storm tile, and pour concrete where needed. In accordance with the Americans Disabilities Act, we construct wheel chair ramps.

Throughout the season, we do pavement marking of crosswalks, stop bars arrows, and school zones. During the summer evenings 3 operators, licensed with the state, perform a mosquito-spraying program. Beginning in late October, the entire crew is devoted solely to leaf pickup. This is a six-week program.

The employees understand that many of the operations are time sensitive. However, each person possesses knowledge and skills that enhances our ability to meet these challenges. That’s what makes the division work well together.

The mission of the street division is to provide the safest and most efficient means of travel possible. We also provide services directed toward the public health for our citizens. As the seasons change, so do our priorities. Should a special project, such as the K of C ball field complex, or new compost site, need our assistance our priorities can, and do, change weekly.

Snow & Ice Removal

Residents are required to keep walks adjacent to their property clear of snow and ice. City Ordinance requires all walks to be cleared within 24 hours after a snowfall.

When plowing is required in the central business district, the Mayor will declare a parking ban on downtown streets until all snow on the streets has been cleared. The snow will be hauled from the downtown area.

We currently use a liquid material to prevent ice build-up when the forecast allows.  We use approximately 600 to 700 ton of salt per year and 3000 gallon of liquid. It takes approximately 12 hours to plow all residential streets, 5 hours to plow the downtown area and its parking lots, and another 12 hours to haul the snow away.

Mailboxes hit with snow off of the plows are not the responsibility of the City.  However, if a plow itself hits one, please call right away so it can be determined what happened.

Pavement Maintenance

The Street Division is responsible for much of the pavement marking that is done in the city. Examples of what they maintain are cross walks, stop bars, parking stalls, handicap stencils, turning lanes and legends as well as school zones. Each year more than 100 gallons of paint and heat applied thermo plastic are applied for these types of markings.

The City maintains over 200 miles of streets. The Street Division plays a vital role in the selections of the streets to be resurfaced.

Annually there are moneys allocated for the purpose of pavement crack sealing. The Street Division has a program in place to do pavement repairs also. Work completed under this program consists of repairs after curb inlet construction, water main breaks or distressed pavement sections not feasible to be included in the resurfacing program. Annually, money is budgeted toward this program.

Other Maintenance Responsibilities

The City is responsible for maintaining walks at all intersecting streets. Citizens are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks.

The City inspects and maintains all alleys, both stone and hard surface. While the City does NOT provide snow plow service, City crews fill potholes in hard surface alleys as needed and re-grade stone alleys,  placing additional material as needed.

Wheelchair Ramp Maintenance
The City of Defiance complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under this Act, the City repairs curbs at predetermined intersections, making it possible for the handicapped and disabled to cross streets free of barriers. Whenever a street is resurfaced or curb repaired, wheelchair ramps are constructed.

There are over 19 miles of guardrails in the city that are maintained by the City Street Crews. Repairs to the posts, rails, end barriers as well as controlling vegetation growth around the guardrails are a part of the guardrail maintenance.

Storm Drains
The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining all storm water sewers as well as all curb, yard, and ditch inlets.

Traffic Signs & Light Maintenance

The Street Division has the responsibility of maintaining all traffic signal and pedestrian light hardware. Hardware includes the cabinets housing the red, yellow, and green lenses and all bulbs.

The Engineering Division becomes involved when there is a loss of power of the lights do not change at their normal sequence. This usually is an indication of a failure in the wiring, motors, or in some locations the computer.

There are over 4,000 traffic signs within the City of Defiance. It is the Street Divisions responsibility to maintain all traffic signs, insuring visibility, proper height and location as they pertain to all Federal Highway Administration regulations.

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