PERMITS for Special Events, Street/Sidewalk Closures, or Food Truck Vendors

A Permit is needed for anyone having a special event, closing a street or sidewalk for various reasons, or selling food from a truck or trailer in the City.


  • Use the Banner Permit if seeking permission to display banners to advertise upcoming events. Banner permits are required before placing the banner and placed only two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • Three locations: Diehl Park facing Ralston Avenue, Kingsbury Park facing East Second Street, and the viaduct at South Clinton Street and Williams Street.
  • There are 34 downtown street lights available for banner use and requires a $100 fee to install the banners.
  • Return the completed form to City Hall along with the banner(s).
  • Use the Event Permit if an organization is seeking permission to close a street(s), sidewalk, park, or parking lot for a special event, parades, car shows/cruise-ins, races, or festivals, etc. in the City.
  • Contractors will use this Event Permit for sidewalk and/or street closings.
  • Return the completed form to City Hall, 631 Perry Street AT LEAST 14 working days prior to the event.
  • For yearly events, please submit the permit form as soon as you know the logistics.

Food Truck Vendors must follow state, county, and city regulations regarding mobile food licenses and inspections.

Return the completed form to City Hall, 631 Perry Street. A packet of information will be given to you once approved, along with a Permit Sticker. Please fill out the Fire Inspection Form 2022.

More information on Temporary and Mobile Food Businesses and be found here: DEFIANCE COUNTY GENERAL HEALTH DISTRICT GUIDELINES


City Hall Administration Building
631 Perry Street,
Defiance, Ohio 43512



Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Permit forms can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate type needed.

However, the completed form MUST be returned to City Hall Administration Building, 631 Perry Street, Defiance, Ohio along with proper payment (if applicable) to be processed, reviewed, and approved/denied.

Permit forms are also available for pick up at City Hall.

The City of Defiance reserves the right to reject and/or amend any permit issued.

Anyone issued a Permit must follow COVID-19 guidelines from Governor Mike DeWine.