Parks Master Plan

In 2015, the City and DDVB worked with Beckett & Raeder, Inc. from Ann Arbor, MI to develop a detailed conceptual plan to serve as a vision for the confluence and riverfront area in downtown Defiance.  The public is welcome to give input on these plans.

Eastside Neighborhood – Ottawa Avenue Area

Presentation from 4.17.2018 Neighborhood Meeting at Hebron Church

ODOT Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Project Location Map

Phase Map for Neighborhood Connectivity

Projects Map – secured funding

Compo Park Design



Roundabout Info

Modern Roundabouts – AARP Liveable Communities & Walkable and Liveable Communities Institute

Roundabouts and Mini Roundabouts – Intersection Safety, Federal Highway Administration

Roundabouts – Insurance Institute for Highway Safety & Highway Loss Data Institute

Roundabouts with Pedestrians & Bicyclists – Federal Highway Administration

Pedestrian & Bike Safety at Roundabouts 

Roundabouts & First Responders – Federal Highway Administration

Roundabouts Save Lives, Money & Fuel – Sustainable City Network



Roundabouts: Semi-trucks and Truck Aprons – Nebraska Department of Transportation

Roundabouts: Pedestrians and Cyclists – Wisconsin Department of Transportation