City Infrastructure Projects

Road Closure & Construction

When a Road Closure or Detour is needed.

Road closures or detours are generally needed when various infrastructure related construction is taking place in the public Right-of-Way to such an extent that the thru travel of the roadway is impaired. The roadway may be Closed or Closed to thru traffic.

If a road is signed Closed, it cannot be accessed.

If a road is signed Closed Local Traffic Only, or Closed to Thru Traffic, it can be accessed by the local residents or businesses and patrons to the businesses in the affected area. Thru traffic, however, is not allowed to use the roadway.

The map below shows locations of Road Closures in the City of Defiance. The road closures and detours shown are only those that are planned as a result of capital improvement (construction) projects or known road related closures. (Unplanned road closures, such as emergency road repairs, accidents, or related closures needed by public or private entities such as Railroad, Telephone, Gas, or other entities may not be shown)