Project Bids

RFQ’s for Professional Services

NameAdvertise DateDue DateLegal Notice
RFQ SR 66 Booster Station Replacement10/20/202011/9/2020SR 66 Booster Station Replacement

This is a consolidated Project Bid page.  Effective August 1, 2017,  project bid information from ALL City Divisions will be posted here.

Legal Notice for Bids – Engineering Division

All bidding information and contracts MUST be returned to the City Engineer’s office before the Legal Bid Deadline. None of the documents downloaded can be submitted electronically for bidding consideration. All bid bonds/checks must accompany bid proposal.

Project NameAdvertise DateBid Due DateLegal NoticeBid Tabulation
Group 9.1 & 9.3 Inflow Reduction Project6/7/2019
6/25/2019Group 9.1 & 9.3 Inflow Reduction Project Legal NoticeGroup 9.1 & 9.3 Inflow Reduction Project Bid Tab
WPC Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements 20197/5/2019
7/30/2019WPC Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements 2019 Legal NoticeWPC Ultraviolet Disinfection Improvements 2019 Bid Tab
Latchaw Drive & W. High Street Sanitary Sewer Extension8/16/2019
9/3/2019Latchaw Drive & W. High Street Sanitary Sewer Extension Legal NoticeLatchaw Drive & W. High Street Sanitary Sewer Extension Bid Tab
Crack Seal Program 202012/6/2019
1/14/2020Crack Seal Program Legal NoticeCrack Seal Program 2020 Bid Tab
Pavement Mastic Surface Treatment 20201/10/2020
1/28/2020Pavement Mastic Surface Treatment 2020 Legal NoticePavement Mastic Surface Treatment 2020 Bid Tab
Eastside Neighborhood Phase 1 Project2/7/2020
2/25/2020Eastside Neighborhood Phase 1 Project Legal NoticeEastside Neighborhood Phase 1 Project Bid Tab
Karnes Avenue Reconstruction Project No. 18192/21/2020
3/10/2020Karnes Avenue Reconstruction Project No. 1816 Legal NoticeKarnes Avenue Reconstruction Project - No. 1819 Bid Tab
GAC - Carbon Dioxide Tank Procurement8/20/2020
9/15/2020GAC - Carbon Dioxide Tank Procurement Legal NoticeGAC - Carbon Dioxide Tank Procurement Bid Tab
Riverside Soccer Complex Improvements10/29/2020
11/17/2020Riverside Soccer Complex Improvements Legal NoticeRiverside Soccer Complex Improvements Bid Tab
Water Treatment Plant GAC Facility Improvements11/3/2020
12/15/2020WTP GAC Facility Improvements Legal NoticeWTP GAC Facility Improvements Bid Tab
Crackseal Program 202112/3/2020
12/22/2020Crackseal Program 2021 Legal NoticeCrackseal Program 2021 Bid Tab
Parks & Cemetery Microsurfacing Program1/7/2021
1/26/2021Parks & Cemetery Microsurfacing Program Legal Notice
DEFI-19-16.56, ODOT Project PID 103689 Project2/11/2021
3/9/2021DEFI-19-16.56. ODOT Project PID 103689 Legal Notice
Street Improvements & Resurfacing 20212/11/2021
3/2/2021Street Improvements & Resurfacing 2021 Legal Notice
Parks & Cemetery Resurfacing Program 20212/11/2021
3/2/2021Parks & Cemetery Resurfacing Program 2021 Legal Notice

Legal Notice for Bids – Water Division

The projects listed are currently available for the City of Defiance Water Division. All documents may be printed for review and submission. All bidding information and/or quote documents must be returned to the address specified in the documents before the deadline date. Bids and quotes cannot and will not be accepted electronically. All required bid bonds/certified checks must accompany any bid proposal. Potential Suppliers of parts, supplies and services are required to review this site regularly during the bidding or quoting process for possible Addendum. Addendum must be included with the original documents. Bids or quotes received without Addendum and/or bid bonds/certified checks will be rejected. The City accepts no responsibility for notifying Parties of Addendum beyond posting of the Addendum on this page.

If you would like to be added to the Water Division Project Notification List, contact Adam McDowell. Please include contact name and title, email address, company name, mailing address, fax number, and phone number. Please specify if you would like to be included in the Group One or Group Two list. A notification list does not exist for Group Three. A notice will be sent by email for new postings to Group One and Group Two projects. The City of Defiance does not guarantee the accuracy of these notification lists and accepts no responsibility for failure to notify interested parties of current projects. All interested parties are encouraged to check this site regularly for updates.

Group One: Current Projects for Purchase of Equipment and Supplies

Project NameStart DateDue DateDocumentationAddendumResults
2020-2021 Annual Chemical Bid07-23-202008-05-2020Bid Packet PDFBid Results PDF
2019-2020 Annual Chemical Bid08-23-201909-04-2019Bid Packet PDFBid Results PDF
2018-2019 Annual Chemical Bid08-24-201809-05-2018Bid Packet PDFAddendum #1
Bid Results PDF
2017-2018 Annual Chemical Bid08-18-201708-30-2017Bid Packet PDFBid Results PDF
2016-2017 Official Chemical Bid Tab08-26-2016Bid Results PDF
2016-2017 Annual Chemical Bid08-12-201608-24-2016Bid Packet PDFClosed

* A Tabulation Sheet should be posted within 3 days after the Due Date listed for the project. Actual award selection will be based on most responsive and responsible bid or quote received. Assumptions of acceptance or refusal of a bid or quote submitted should not be based solely on the Tabulation Sheet.

Any parts, equipment, vehicles, etc, which are listed for sale by the City of Defiance under Group Three, are sold ‘as is – where is’. All sales are final. Most items offered for sale are used and may contain defects not immediately detectable. Bidders may inspect the property prior to bidding.