Building Inspection

The Building Inspection Division has the responsibility to insure all residential construction meets all local and state building codes.

Contractors must be registered by the City. Since the term “contractor” includes “sub-contractor”, they cannot legally work under a “homeowner” permit unless they are doing work for which a permit is not required (i.e., floor tile work under the owner’s bathroom remodel permit). Homeowners need not be registered to obtain a permit to personally perform work upon their established residence, provided that it is a single-, two-, or three-family property.

Inspections are a part of the permit process. All work for which a permit is required must be inspected to insure it meets code. Electrical, plumbing and heating work must be inspected prior to enclosure in walls, floors, or ceilings. A final inspection should be made before final payment to a contractor. As the Contractor, you can set up the appointment for inspection by calling the Building Department at 419.784.2195, Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please call 48-hours prior to the requested inspection.

If In Doubt, Contact The Building Department!

It is the Property Owner’s responsibility, ultimately, to see that permits are obtained at the City Service Building, 631 Perry Street, Suite 101, Defiance. If your work is being contracted, the contractor must obtain the permit(s) – this can be made clear in your contract. Permits must be posted during the period of construction.

Building Department Requirements

Please be sure you, or your contractor, check with the building department before starting any repair or construction work! 419.784.2195

Building permits are required for the following:

• To demolish, alter or make major repairs to any existing building structure, or any portion of that structure, or to build any new structure/addition. New roof coverings, window replacements, new siding (except small areas of replacement), decks, new steps (or rebuilding steps), all require permits.

•  To do any electrical (other than minor fixture replacements), plumbing, heating, or air conditioning work.

• To do any concrete work involving replacement or any paving work (brick walls, etc).

In general, permits are required for most construction activities except minor repairs, exterior/interior painting, gutters and downspouts installations.

If In Doubt, Contact The Building Department!

All construction debris must be removed from the premises and taken to an appropriate landfill. The City’s Service Department will not pick up construction debris. If doing your own work, check the Yellow Pages under “Landfills” or “Rubbish and Garbage Removal”, and make appropriate arrangements for disposal of debris.

The City of Defiance is zoned. Setback information may be taken from the Zoning Code Section(s). Please note: The Building Inspection Department deals with properties within the City limits. Any questions or information concerning outside the city limits should be directed to the Township Zoning Inspector.

Permits & Fees

On-line links to Permit applications and forms are listed in the side-bar at the right (below on mobile devices). All permits must be submitted in person along with the fee and completed form to the City Services Building located at 631 Perry Street, Suite 101, Defiance, Ohio.

Application for Commercial Permits:

  • All commercial permits shall be directed through the Ohio Department of Commerce, (Ohio Board of Building Standards) 1-800-523-3581 or 614-644-2613. All commercial projects must receive Zoning and Engineering certificates, issued by the City of Defiance (please call 419-784-2195 for instructions on how to obtain those certificates).

Building Permit Fees

Fees for building permits required by Ordinance shall be as follows:

New Construction and Remodeling
Permit fees shall be calculated on the total sq ft of the project. This includes: finished basements, attached garages, covered porches and decks.

Remodeling and Alterations
Permit fee shall be a flat fee per project including: windows, doors, roofing siding, decks and porches.

Minor Repairs
The following items shall be considered minor repairs for which a permit is not required:

• Door replacement as long as there is no change in the opening location or size

• Interior remodeling with no change in structural members or interior floor plan

• Replacement of drywall, plaster, moldings, and any other nonstructural members.

• Painting of walls, moldings, trims, stair rails, floors, ceilings and doors.

• Wall papering

• Replacement or repair of exterior trim, moldings, soffits, sills, facia or other nonstructural members.


Building Inspection
Work before permit is issued$ 2x'spermit cost
Work completed with no permit$ 3x'spermit cost
Work with no inspection$ 2x'spermit cost
Continued work after Stop Work OrderCriminal Proceedings

Electrical Permits

Permit costs are based on the fees listed below:
Temporary Service (per temporary pole)$ 30.00
New Dwelling (per unit)Base$ 30.00+Fee per sqft $ 0.05
AdditionsBase$ 30.00+Fee per sqft $ 0.03
Home RewirePer Trip$ 30.00+Fee per sqft $ 0.03
All Electric Unit (per unit)$ 85.00
Service Change Residential:$ 30.00
Alterations other than service change (per unit):$ 30.00
Furnace and air conditioning circuit:$ 30.00

Heating and Air Conditioning

Permit costs are based on the fees listed below:
New HomeBase$ 60.00+Fee per sqft $ 0.05
AdditionsBase$60.00+Fee per sqft $ 0.05
Heating System (replacement or location change including ductwork up to 12 runs)$ 30.00
Each additional heat run over 12$ 1.50
Heat system replacement (no duct work)$ 30.00
Air conditioning replacement$ 30.00
Air conditioning new$ 30.00
Wall furnace$ 30.00
Gas line$ 30.00
Conversion burner units (any fuel)$ 30.00
Other gas related alterations$ 30.00
Gas line$ 30.00

Removal and Demolition Permit

Accessory Buildings$ 30.00
Complete Homes$ 150.00
Commercial Buildings$ 3.00 per 100 sqftper 100 sqft

Plumbing Permits

Permit costs are based on the fees listed below:
New dwelling 1,2,3 family Base$ 40.00+Fee per fixture $ 7.50
AdditionBase$ 50.00+Fee per fixture $ 7.50
Backflow Inspections$ 30.00
Hot water heaters(new, replacement or relocation) $ 30.00
Hydronic boilers(new, replacement or relocation) $ 30.00
Gas line$ 30.00
Re-inspection Fees per trip$ 30.00

Other Building Related Fees:

Roofing Permits Residential $ 30.00
Siding Permits$ 30.00
Window Permits$ 30.00
Deck Permits$ 30.00

Contact Information:

Building Inspection Office
631 Perry Street
Defiance, Ohio 43512

fax 419.784.5443


Permit application hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Call Before You Dig

It’s The Law.

For Water, Sewer, Electricity & Gas in Ohio: 1-800-362-2764 or 811

Ohio law requires that anyone digging contact O.U.P.S. at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and legal holidays) prior to beginning their work. Failure to contact O.U.P.S. could result in fines or penalties.

Building & Zoning Permit Applications