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Board of Control

  1. Question for the Mayor or Board of Control Member

    Have a question, concern, or compliment for the Mayor or other Members of Board of Control? Fill out this form and submit it!


  1. 911 Citizen Feedback Form
  1. Online Complaint Form

    Citizen Complaint Against an Officer

Request Tracker Forms - City of Defiance

  1. Contact Us - Division-Related Concerns

    Use this for to contact on division-related questions or concerns

  2. General Inquiry

    Have a Question or Concern? Let us know and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate division.

  1. Fix It Form

    See a pothole needing fixed, a nuisance to review, water leaking into the street, street light out, etc. Check the box below, give us a... More…

  2. Report a Concern or Have a Question

    If you have a concern or a question, please fill out this form and it will be directed to the appropriate City Division.

Streets & Water Distribution

  1. Citizen Request for Services Form

    Use this form to request, repair, or report one the following: street repair or potholes, reporting of hazardous sidewalk condition,... More…

  1. Fix It Form

    Submit the Fix It Form to identify problem areas in the City of Defiance needing review.


  1. Contact IT

    Send a message to the IT Department