What income is taxable?

Residents must report all income, including but not limited to sources listed below, whether received as cash or other property, including income derived from sources outside the City of Defiance and/or outside the State of Ohio, from all wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, fees, tips; profits and/or loss from businesses, professions, partnerships, Sub S corps, LLCs or similar business entitles; winnings from lotteries or wagers; sick pay, employer supplemental benefits (SUB pay), and 4797 Profit of Sale.

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1. What is Defiance's tax rate?
2. Can your office help me prepare my return?
3. Who must file an income tax return?
4. What income is taxable?
5. What income is not taxable?
6. My spouse and I file individual federal and state returns, must we file individually with Defiance?
7. I am retired - Am I required to file a Defiance tax return?
8. I am a business - Do I have to withhold on my employees?
9. If I file a federal extension, does that automatically extend the due date for my Defiance return?
10. If I file an extension, does my payment still have to be made by April 15?
11. Where do I mail my return?