A MESSAGE FROM ODOT to all travelers:

The heart of summer is here ̶ and with it, the height of construction season on area highways surrounding Defiance.

ODOT is reminding motorists to give workers within those zones the consideration and level of safety needed to perform their work.

When you see the orange barrels, flashing warning lights, and barrier walls, PLEASE SLOW DOWN, move over, put down your cell phone, and obey traffic laws. Please drive like someone you love works in these zones because someone we love does.

Chip seals are a common pavement maintenance practice in northwest Ohio and will account for several of the work zones motorists will encounter this summer.

If you’re curious, the chip seal method seals the pavement against moisture damage through the placement of a thin layer of liquid asphalt which is then covered with a fine grade of stone. The stone is rolled and compressed into the asphalt and the pavement swept to remove any loose stone.

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