The Engineering Division is dedicated to giving support and guidance for the administration and construction of a high quality infrastructure that provides a safe environment while at the same time keeping a balance between the interests of the private and public sectors.

Engineering’s primary focus is on the engineering, coordination, and inspection of the City’s infrastructure and capital improvement projects for the year. Developers and citizens rely on the Engineering Division to provide information about the City utilities and street systems and to provide assistance with various permits.

Another very important activity of the Engineering Division is to work closely with ODOT District 1 in helping them with their planning needs, engineering, coordination, and inspection.

Engineering works very closely with all of the other City Divisions. All of the previously mentioned work could not be achieved without their help. In turn; we help them with their work as needed. This sharing of work skills, knowledge, and abilities between the various City Divisions is what makes the City’s Service Divisions work so well for our citizens.

All of the projects, permits, etc., need to have a final home, so our staff also spends time updating all of the City’s maps and the GIS system. They are used daily throughout the City. To perform all of this work on a yearly basis requires the efforts of a very highly skilled, technical, and organized engineering staff. The staff works hard at taking a proactive, behind-the-scenes approach to project management so that the work and construction goes on as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible to those affected. We believe in making Defiance “A Great Place to Live.”

Geographical Information System – GIS

Project Update
Phase I of the GIS project has been completed for the City of Defiance. The project began with development of a Strategic GIS Implementation Plan which focused on the high impact applications, benefits, and resources required to implement an enterprise-wide GIS within the City. At the conclusion of Phase I implementation, the GIS was operational within eight City divisions.

The GIS allows the City to respond faster to public inquiries and requests for services. A system was devised that gives much faster access to integrated data. The information needed to respond to citizen questions and complaints is right at the City’s fingertips. Bottom line, the GIS allows the City to deliver better service for taxpayer dollars. The GIS system has helped City employees to locate and gather information in a more timely fashion.

Phase I was organized to “get the City up and running” and to show immediate tangible results. Basic data themes and applications were developed. These included the creation of an intelligent node-to-node street centerline coverage; conversion of water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm water systems mapping; integration of numerous existing databases with the GIS; acquisition of GIS hardware, software and local area networking technologies; end-user training and provision of a GIS FrontEnd system.

Phase II implementation is currently underway in the City. The primary objectives are to add functionality to the GIS software applications, expand the user base and increase the City’s self-sufficiency in the technology. The major elements of Phase II are installation of an automated permit system and its integration with the GIS, completion of utilities mapping to the service drop, creation of a portable GIS application for use by field crews, creation of an application for simple input of easements and further development of applications for Public Safety. An Internet-based site for sharing data and maintaining the GIS is also under development.

Infrastructure Management

The Engineering Division is responsible for tracking and recording all of the various city owned data as it relates to city owned infrastructure, such as streets, signage, traffic signals, water lines, storm and sanitary sewers, etc..

This database of information is being used to help plan and coordinate Capital Improvement expenditures for our annual street improvements projects, waterline replacement projects, storm and sanitary sewer improvements and other infrastructure investments.

You can find our current Capital Improvements Plan Map here. It is a 10 year projection based on known needs. This map is dynamic in nature, and changes based on available and anticipated funding levels.

You can find our current Projected Street Improvements Map here.  It is a 5 year projection, also based on available and anticipated funding.


Public Meeting Information

The City of Defiance had a Public Information meeting on 10-13-16, where various aspects of street infrastructure was presented. The presentation included the City’s current approach to pavement management using street history data, types of preventative pavement techniques with associated cost, and required projected funding levels for various improvement programs for streets, curbs, and sidewalks. Click here for a copy of the presentation.

Contact Information:

Engineering Division
631 Perry Street, Suite 102
Defiance, Ohio 43512

fax: 419.784.5443

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Engineering Staff:

City Map (392 KB PDF)

City Map on google

Ward Map (702 KB PDF)

Zoning Map (1.4 MB PDF)Flood Insurance Rate Map 39039CIND0A 29Sept2010 (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Rate Map 39039C0240E 29Sept2010 (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Rate Map 39039C0245E 29Sept2010 (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Rate Map 39039C0265E 29Sept2010 (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Rate Map 39039C0330E 29Sept2010 (FIRM)

Flood Insurance Rate Map 390144 0005 D 4Mar1985 (FIRM)

Other Maps available at the County Engineer’s Office.