Nuisance Information

Nuisances Include:

  • High Grass & Weeds
  • Garbage
  • Junk Cars
  • Noise
  • Littering
  • Air Pollution

Nuisance complaints should be directed to the Building Inspection Department, located at the City Service Building, 631 Perry Street, Suite 101, or by calling 784-2195. You will need to provide your name, telephone number, and explanation of the alleged nuisance.

Weed & Grass Ordinance

The City of Defiance will enforce City Code Section 521.13 pertaining to weeds. In this case that no person in charge of land shall permit their grass or weeds to accumulate in excess of 10 inches in height. The City will serve notice of the nuisance area. To immediately abate said nuisance, the City is authorized to enter upon the premises and cut the grass or weeds. Persons in violation will be charged accordingly. If the City does not receive reimbursement for the said nuisance, the total charges will be added to your property taxes.


The City of Defiance will enforce City Code Section 521.08 pertaining to garbage. In this case, No person, regardless of intent, shall deposit litter or cause litter to be deposited on any or public or private property.

Junk Cars

The city of Defiance will enforce City Code Section 521.11 pertaining to junk cars. In this case, “junk cars” means any unlicensed motor vehicle or any vehicle propelled or intended to be propelled by power other than human power and which is in an inoperative or partially dismantled conditionBack to Building Inspection